New York Isn't Bigger

People keep asking me whether New York feels bigger than Toronto. Standing on the sidewalk downtown beneath the skyscrapers with people rushing past you in both directions… it feels the same size as Toronto. It is only when you walk a few blocks and those skyscrapers are still towering above you that you realize they just… do… not… stop.

In Toronto, the tallest buildings make up a few square blocks, then you escape them and have the benefit of the open sky, but not in downtown Manhattan. It’s not the size, it’s the scale.

It is both endearing and terrifying when you think about it, but so far I’ve chosen to focus on the former.

I arrived in New York City a week ago and since then I’ve been up to a heck of a lot of things.

  • I walked from Broadway & 125th St down through Central Park to 1st Ave & 34th St, then took a ferry out to Brooklyn.

  • I read in Sakura Park.

  • I went for a run by the ‘Riverside’.

  • I checked out three grocery stores and was flabbergasted when I didn’t recognize any of the brands I am comfortable with.

  • I got mixed up on the subway and ended up on a shuttle bus headed off-island.

    • I then walked 30 minutes home with my arms full of the ‘heavy’ items I had been glad that I would be able to take on the subway just a minute from my door.

  • I purchased a number of things to make myself feel at home in my apartment.

  • I found a coffee shop that I think will soon become a consistent home of mine on weekends.

  • I wrote a bunch.

  • And I said ‘see ya soon’ to my partner who helped me get settled before taking off back to Toronto to move herself to a new apartment in Ottawa.

I wrote up a whole 2800 word summary for my family but I don’t think I’ll post that here. This is enough for now.

Orientation Week began today and my mind is full for the day. There is a lot to unpack and I’m unsure of the best way to do it at this time. We are making a short film for the week (due Friday at noon) and my group got right into it. We had a great time scraping our minds for ideas and inkings of a story that could include the two required elements: using a book as a prop, and the line “sorry to bother you”.

We came up with two solid ideas after a long brainstorming session and voted to get to our final decision. I think we have a solid group and I’m excited to see what we come up with over the next few days.