Imagine Being Exactly Where You Are

Whenever my mother told my siblings and I about her decision to go back to school in her late 20s to pursue a law degree, she comments on how she was worried about turning thirty before the program was even over. She then references someone who wisely told her “You can either be thirty with a law degree, or thirty without one. You choose.”

That advice has stuck with her ever since, and it’s also seemingly stuck with me.

It seems fitting that I too will turn thirty before the completion of my MFA.

That blows me away a bit as I think of all that my younger-self thought I would do before age thirty. Get married. Have kids. Be in a stable job. Have some serious savings and a mortgage on a house.

Some of that has to take a back-seat for the next little while, and that’s okay I think. In today’s society I don’t believe my younger-self’s vision of thirty is all that realistic anyways. I don’t know many people headed in that direction, and the ones who are, are settled into more secure and long-term careers (policing, nursing, electrician, carpenter, etc.)

A guy I know from the office actually left his job at Bell to pursue a career in coaching others. He often posts ambitious ideas, motivating concepts, and comments to push people to think about whether they’re truly happy in what they’re doing. He posted a quote yesterday that has stuck with me.

“What would happen if one year from now, you’re in the exact same place that you are right now.”

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this. The worst thing in life is standing still.

Interesting things from the last seven days:

  • The New York Times came out with a series of Guides to living better in 2019

  • Shawn the Sheep Movie was added to Netflix recently. This isn’t new in any way, but I wanted to point it out as a FANTASTIC movie. Claymation film from Aardman Studios that is hilarious, heartwarming, and adventurous. Adults don’t expose themselves to animated/cartoon/claymation films often enough and I think there is a huge issue with that. I believe that non-live filmmaking is some of the most ingenious in the world, and this film really drives home that point.

  • Barry is back on HBO. The show continues it’s incredible dark humour into Season Two and already has some incredible moments.

  • I’ve finally been reading up on Dan Harmon’s Story Circle and so far I’ve found it helpful in navigating my script as I work through the revision.